Our approach is strategic and comprehensive. We work closely with our clients to gain a clear understanding of the organizational requirements and the unique challenges of the position to ensure appropriate identification and assessment of key competencies. Once a partnership has been established and we have a thorough understanding of the structure and culture, we will identify and present candidates who best fit into the environment.

We understand our clients' needs may change in the course of a search. Throughout the life of the search, we maintain close communication to inform the client of the progress of the assignment and to ensure the critical significance of the search is never lost. For this reason, we are available and accessible at any time, to both client and candidate, to facilitate closure.



An initial discovery meeting is scheduled in order to achieve the following:
    1. Understand company objectives and mission, corporate culture, philosophy, and organizational structure.

    2. Define position and candidate specifications: responsibilities, experience, success factors, compensation, challenges, and definition of "fit".

    3. Develop a target list to include key competitors and/or related companies as well as contacts to be avoided altogether.

    4. Set realistic time frames for search milestones.
After preparation of a position/candidate profile, a recap discussion is scheduled to ensure understanding and accuracy of particulars discussed during the initial discovery session.



Through intelligent networking and sourcing, we identify a large, targeted universe of candidates. We conduct in-depth telephone interviews to determine initial fit for the position. Throughout the process we report progress frequently to the client. Likely prospects are interviewed and evaluated on the basis of experience and potential cultural fit with the client organization. Once a "short-list" of suitable candidates is compiled, resumes and assessments are prepared. These address both personal characteristics and professional skills including: ^^^


We continue to follow up with the client and candidate after the first day of employment. At T.H.E. Company Inc., we believe each search is part of an ongoing value-added relationship with our clients. We carefully document each client project with an eye toward leveraging our knowledge, technology, and contacts to form an effective base for serving a client in the future.



A search assignment and placement fee will be determined by mutual agreement between the client and T.H.E. Company Inc. and will be based on an estimate of the first year's cash compensation for the corresponding position. Any signing bonus that is used to augment the compensation will not be included in the fee calculation.

Payments of fees are all due and payable upon receipt of invoice, or within the first week of the new hire's date of employment.



The following are not billed to the client: ^^^


If a candidate is successfully hired, and within the first three months leaves voluntarily or is terminated for cause including inadequate performance, we would undertake a search to fill the position again with no additional fee (except in the case of a company layoff).



We realize that many start-up companies fall short on financial resources. It is with this in mind that we have developed our "fee for equity" program. In certain situations, we will negotiate equity positions in our client companies in lieu of full fee payment. This approach offers our clients the opportunity to conserve scarce cash resources while establishing a precise alignment of our interests with theirs and their other investors.